Is Your Child a Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic – Does your child have a need to touch everything? If you have a tactile learner, he won’t be content to learn with worksheets or listen to lectures. Rather, this child needs to manipulate his environment in order to learn by feeling textures, weight, and shapes. To help this child better absorb what is being taught, homeschool parents need to take lessons off the page and bring them to life!

Hands-on Learners

  • Are good at sports
  • Can’t sit still for long
  • Aren’t great at spelling
  • Don’t have great handwriting
  • Like science labs
  • Study with loud music
  • Like adventure books and movies
  • Like role playing or pantomime
  • Need breaks when studying
  • Build models and love construction
  • Are involved in martial arts or dance
  • Are fidgety during lectures
  • Struggle with reading for information

Curriculum should allow for

  • Shorter study periods
  • Lab classes
  • Role playing
  • Field trips and visits to museums
  • Study with others
  • Use of memory games
  • Use of flash cards for memorization

Worst Test Type: Long tests, essays
Best Test Type: Short definitions, fill-in-the- blanks, and multiple choice.
Encouragement Method: Responds best to a pat on the back

Taylord4Kidz provides strategies, resources, and an environment that can accommodate those learners. Come by and see what we have to offer. -Ms. Sharyl

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