Is Your Child an Auditory Learner?

Auditory – Listening is key for auditory learners. Whether you put facts to music, assign books on CDs, or just read lessons out loud, an auditory learner needs to have his ears energized to retain information in the brain. Asking your child to verbally restate what you have just read to him along with lesson repetition are great techniques to help this type of learner.

Auditory Learners

  • Like to read out loud to self
  • Are not afraid to speak in class
  • Like oral reports
  • Are good at explaining
  • Remember names
  • Notice sound effects in movies
  • Enjoy music
  • Are good at grammar and foreign language
  • Read slowly
  • Follow spoken directions well
  • Can’t keep quiet for long periods
  • Enjoy acting and being on stage
  • Are good in study groupsCurriculum should allow for:
  • Word association for remembering facts and lines
  • Music, rhymes, rhythm instruments, and echo games
  • Watching videos
  • Repeating facts with eyes closed
  • Participation in group discussions
  • Using audiotapes for language practice
  • Taping notes after writing themWorst Test Type: Timed reading passages with written answers                              Best Test Type: Oral exams
    Encouragement Method: Responds best to verbal praise

We accommodate for auditory learners through music, dramatic play, oral presentations, a listening station, and whisper phones. These are just a few ways Taylord4Kidz can encourage God’s special design of your auditory learner.

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