Parent Resources

Do you need additional support at home? You can rent items from our resources to supplement your studies at home. Here is a list of some of our supplies: Literacy/Math Games Theme Books Theme Kits: Dinosaurs, Farm, Careers, STEM Kits Math/Word Work Manipulatives Material rental fees depend on items and number of days borrowed.  


Open House Ocean Theme

Mark your calendar. We are inviting family, friends and guests to visit our little school from 1:00-3:00 Saturday, July 8th.

  • Ocean Theme Math/Art Activities
  • Snow Cones & Gold Fish
  • Old Lady Who Swallowed a Shell Story/Retell
  • Sink/Float STEM
  • Drawing for $50 Credit for Services

Hope to see you there,

Paul & Sharyl Taylor

It’s Friday, and Jen’s Birthday!

Last night I drove my daughter-in-love, Erin, to the airport to visit our son in Harrisburg for the weekend. This morning I enjoyed spending time with my daughter, Jennifer, for her birthday, then she was off to spend time with her husband. Time goes by fast. Both girls encourage my desire to nurture kids, and […]

Is Your Child an Auditory Learner?

Auditory – Listening is key for auditory learners. Whether you put facts to music, assign books on CDs, or just read lessons out loud, an auditory learner needs to have his ears energized to retain information in the brain. Asking your child to verbally restate what you have just read to him along with lesson […]

Is Your Child a Kinesthetic Learner?

Kinesthetic – Does your child have a need to touch everything? If you have a tactile learner, he won’t be content to learn with worksheets or listen to lectures. Rather, this child needs to manipulate his environment in order to learn by feeling textures, weight, and shapes. To help this child better absorb what is […]

Day 3

Good Morning Holy Spirit, Today is Wednesday, June 7th, 2017. I give You this day Lord. I pray for all the children who will be attending Taylord4Kidz. I know You have hand picked them to be here. I pray over our printer, it needs to work properly. Give me wisdom and discernment how to make […]

Day 2

My Grandfather & our daughter Jennifer Today, June 6, 2017 is my official 2nd day at Taylord4Kidz. Today is my grandfather’s 94th birthday. Happy Birthday Grandad!! Have a glorious day… Blessings, Ms. Sharyl